Friday, May 20, 2011


By Deane Juhan

The information technology explosion is begging us to return to the body.   We need a new human technology to match the information technology. External change is happening so fast we can barely breathe or keep up.  Stress is born when the body and heart try to race after a mind gone into high gear.  Notice the posture: head stretched forward, neck extended, chest tight from holding the breath, heart constricted, general, vague fatigue, racing beneath the skin, the feeling of never having enough time, perpetual muscle tension in the head and neck.
Our brains are so overflowing with information we cannot process it all.  We need to move and we need to feel the rightness of new information becoming part of our personal systems in order for meaning and purpose to emerge from the data.  Information is only useful to me if I can act on it, if it makes me feel useful, happy, productive and loved. I get from thinking to feeling to action by engaging my body fully.
It’s time we honored our Cartesian inheritance, bowed, and let it go.  Descartes was a great thinker.  Now we need great movers and shakers:  people who can feel with the hearts of lions and move with the fleetness of deer, in new rhythms, new patterns. We need leaders who engage their bodies deeply through movement and touch. We need to align thinking with feeling and action, touching each other in refined and discriminating circles of approximation, creating personal intimacy equal to the flood of information.
This is how we will find the new social structures to create a sustainable future where we are healthy, wealthy and wise. We need to reconnect the intimacy of our bodies and deepest hearts to the social structures we are creating. Move your body and you can move the world.
Intimacy and information together will create fluid transformation. 

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